Snow stalls soon-to-be-dad's trip home

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - It's a dash against the clock for expecting dad Mark St. Martin of Minneapolis, Minn.

Thursday morning, the truck driver sat in a long line at the Love's Truck Stop just South of St. Joseph, Mo.

St. Martin has just hours to make it home before his wife's caesarian birth, scheduled for 8 am. Friday.

"I am so anxious to get home that I can't stand it," Mark explained, "but my wife told me better to get home late then not to get home at all."

On Thursday, Interstate 29, the primary route between Missouri and Minneapolis, was shut down for several hours after an accident involving a semi truck.

That accident, combined with ugly conditions on the road, could keep St. Martin from one of the most important moments in his life.

He decided to venture down the back roads, a daring move that could be dangerous for a large semi-truck.

"Anything I can do to make it home," he elaborated.

St. Martin was one of dozens of semi-truck drivers waiting around for the highway to open Thursday morning.

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