Snowy conditions impacting businesses in Platte County

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Areas north of the metro received the most snowfall Wednesday. In Platte County the sheriff's department received several reports of minor car crashes and some schools chose to close.

The two inches of snow, which was partially sticking to roadways, also made street signs impossible for drivers to read from Interstate-29. The owner of Platte City Flowers and Gift Shoppe said Wednesday's snow and cold complicated her job.

Not only did Deborah Boevers have to deliver a dozen floral arrangements on snowy roads, but the flowers cannot be below 45 degrees, she explained, so employees at the shoppe spent more than an hour insolating the arrangements with brown bags and stuffing them into pre-heated trucks.

"The car has to be at a certain temperature, and when we get to our destination these precious flowers can't be outside long at all, or they'll die. The recipient has to be ready for us with their door propped open so we can get them inside quickly," she explained.

Gene Collins shoveled snow at a law firm next to Boever's business. While the landscaper was delighted to be at work shoveling and salting sidewalks along downtown Platte City roads today, he says this toasty winter is making for a rough living.

In the summer Collins makes a living off mowing lawns. In the winter he depends on snow shoveling, salting and plowing to subsidize his income. This winter he says he is barely making ends meet.

"It hurts bad. If it isn't snowing I'm not making no money. This winter I tell you, I'm not making any money at all," Collins said with a wince.

Collins hopes mother nature cuts him a break by either warming up enough to mow lawns or cooling down enough to require salting.

As for the busy highways, MoDOT officials in Platte County said they would be salting the highway throughout the day on Wednesday to make sure ice does not build up on the roads.

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