5 years after deadly tornado, Greensburg flourishes

GREENSBURG, Kan. - It's been five years since a tornado ripped through the heart of Greensburg, destroying most of the small Kansas town.

But now there are plenty of signs of recovery.

There's a new City Hall, Kiowa County Historical Museum and a funky new arts building.

There's also a greener school with natural lighting and environmentally friendly touches.

A new downtown boasts thriving businesses, and wind power replaces the old idea of just buying power off the grid.

But still among these successes are some painful memories.

"I wouldn't really say I'm scared of the sirens, but I really do pay a lot more attention," said David Williams, a tornado survivor. "When it gets a little closer to where I'm at, I get a little nervous."

The city of Greensburg will have a memorial service this weekend to remember the 11 lives lost in the tornado.

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