Kansas couple living in Egypt has close call with violence in Cairo

CAIRO, Egypt - Jim and Anne' Erickson have been living in Cairo, Egypt, for two years. 

They're from Olathe, Kan., and met at the University of Kansas. The two got married and graduated in 2009. 

Jim is a political researcher and Anne' is an economics researcher.  Friday morning they had a close-call with violence in Cairo.

"We heard shots fired in our neighborhood," Jim Erickson said via Skype interview with 41 Action News.

Until now, the Erickson's said the violence has been contained to the various city squares; but it spilled into neighborhoods when military forces broke-up the camps of protestors.

"It was a bad day," Jim said.

The Erickson's are planning to leave Cairo this weekend, but they do hope to return when it's safe.

"My greatest hope and wish for Egypt is that Egypt will return back to normal and that the people of Egypt will start talking with each other and resolving their differences instead of just shooting and killing each other," Anne' said.

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