Arkansas River running dry in central Kansas

GREAT BEND, Kan. - Signs of the long lasting drought in the Heartland are evident all across the Midwest, including in Great Bend.

The Arkansas River has completely dried up in some parts of Kansas.

In some areas the water levels are extremely low. In others, there is nothing but a dry river bed.

The lingering drought is primarily the blame, but one resident says water usage from the river may have also contributed to the dried up river.

"And I have not seen the summer in general be as dry with no rain," resident Beverly Komarek said. "The river is certainly, certainly at one of its lowest ebbs that I've ever seen."

She says the river has a number of issues.

"There's more uses of the Arkansas River than there used to be so there's more irrigation out west and more uses of water as the population has grown and the need for water has changed but this continuing drought has really, really you know taken its toll out here."

According to some geological predictions, more rivers and streams will have increasingly low levels and many may go dry as well.