Basehor residents to vote on new ZIP code

BASEHOR, Kan. - Five little numbers have led to a countless amount of confusion in Basehor, Kan., over the years. But the vote of about 600 residents could change a neighborhood's ZIP code and put an end to the mix-ups.

As Basehor's city limits have expanded to the south, construction crossed State Avenue into Bonner Springs' 66012 ZIP code. That crossover caused Basehor residents to drive seven miles to pick up packages at Bonner Springs' post office, thrown off GPS devices,  and created confusion at the DMV.

"We associate the 66007 (ZIP code) with Basehor, and now people associate me with Bonner," Sandra Grimes explained. "And I don't even live in Bonner. I live in Basehor."

Everyone living south of State Avenue has the same problem. Some live inside city limits, others are in unincorporated Leavenworth County. Bonner Springs sits within Wyandotte County, which leads to even more trouble.

"Sometimes the emergency response can be challenging. We're dispatching through Leavenworth County and when it pops up on their screen, it's going to show a Bonner Springs address," Basehor police chief and city administrator Lloyd Martley said.

For all those reasons, Basehor's City Council requested the U.S. Postal Service consider a change to extend its 66007 ZIP code south of State Avenue.

The USPS will mail surveys to residents in the affected area within the next three to four weeks. The result of their votes will determine the future of the ZIP code. If it's approved, the new ZIP code would be in place by July 2014.

Martley said the change could come with inconveniences as well, such as changed driver's licenses.

"But we feel like the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages," Martley said.

If the change is rejected, residents will not be able to request a new ZIP code for ten years.

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