Boeing Dreamlifter finally at intended destination

WICHITA, Kan. - A cargo-hauling jumbo jet that was mistakenly landed at a small Kansas airport has safely reached its intended destination.

The "Dreamlifter" took off from Jabara Airport in Wichita Thursday afternoon, hours after it landed eight miles away from McConnell Air Force Base where it was supposed to land. It touched down at McConnell a few minutes later.

It's still not clear why the plane went to the wrong airport Wednesday night. The pilot sounded confused in his exchanges with air traffic control, according to audio provided by

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate whether the pilot followed controllers' instructions or violated any federal regulations.

Boeing owns the plane, but it is operated by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, a New York-based cargo-hauler that also provides crews or planes to companies that need them.

Buzzfeed has posted audio from air traffic control after the plane landed at Jabara Airport late Monday evening.

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