Gig up for 'secret' Kansas Bigfoot hunters

SALINA, Kan. - So much for keeping it a secret.

Producers for a show on Animal Planet looking for Bigfoot in Kansas didn't want their exact location revealed because they didn't want anybody trying to pull a hoax.

Producer Sean Mantooth, with the show called "Finding Bigfoot," confirmed last month they'd be in the Wichita area, but wouldn't say exactly where.

But according to the Salina Journal , his gig is up. Saline County sheriff's deputies got a call Monday about some suspicious vehicles near a rural residence.

Sheriff Glen Kochanowski told the Journal deputies found a television crew with several sport utility vehicles and a U-Haul at the site and determined the vehicles belonged to the crew from Ping Pong Productions of Los Angeles, Calif. The sheriff says the crew had the landowner's permission to be at the location.

The sheriff says members of the crew told deputies they hadn't found anything.

The most recent Bigfoot report in Kansas was in Sedgwick County in 2006 by a husband and wife who said they felt like they were being watched, then heard a guttural growl.

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