KCK daycare leaves 4-year-old girl behind at Merriam movie theater

MERRIAM, Kan. - Merriam Police say a Kansas City, Kan., daycare center left a 4-year-old girl alone at a movie theater for two hours on Tuesday afternoon.

The girl was at the Cinemark Theater in Merriam on a field trip with the Back to Basics Learning Center. When the movie was over, the group of 12 kids and four adults went to the bathroom.

Then the group left the theater, but the child was still in the bathroom. .

Police said a customer found the child around 1:30 p.m.  Employees called the police who arrived minutes later.

Police said the child could not tell officers what her parents' full names were.  She didn't know the name of her daycare center or any phone numbers or address.  Police said this made it very difficult in finding out who she was.

Police say Back to Basics called the theater two hours later, saying they thought they had left a child behind.

Officers would not release the child to the daycare and instead contacted the girl's family.  Police reunited the child with her mother later that afternoon.

41 Action News tried contacting the owners of Back to Basics, but they declined to comment.

Police are still investigating the incident and would not say whether any charges will be filed.

Police recommend using nametags on field trips that have the child's name, school and contact information. 

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