Homes hard to find in Southwest Kansas

GARDEN CITY, Kan. - When you think of the places you'd like to live in Kansas, places like the bustling Johnson or Wyandotte counties, the peaceful western plains or collegiate Lawrence may come to mind.

How about the southwest corner of the state?

The oil industry is booming in that region, and the housing market can't keep up. 

People moving to the area claim finding a place to live is next to impossible, and they end up spending a lot of time looking.

"It's been really frustrating. I've been to several realtors, been unable to find any rentals in my price range, Brian Plymesser, who moved to the area to take a new job, explained. "I'm pretty flexible, and I'd like it to be a nice decent rental as well."

While the region avoided much of the pain when the housing bubble burst, caution from lenders is still keeping new home sales in check.

"They will say you can build one house, and when that sells and closes, then you may start on the other," Judy Nusser, a broker at Coldwell Banker in Garden City, said. "That keeps the builder from having the advantages of being able to go from this site to this site to this site which would reduce his cost."

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Good rentals are also a problem, in Garden City there is less than a one percent vacancy rate, and most apartment complexes have waiting lists.

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