Junction City mourn the loss of the Bramlage family

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. - Not soon after the news of the tragic plane crash broke, friends came to pay their respects to the Bramlage family.

Bella brought flowers and the first candle.

She will always remember the second-oldest Bramlage son, Boston.

"He like to read a lot. Our teacher created a new rule that we couldn't have stuff on her desk because of Boston, because he would always read when our teacher was teaching new things," she said.

Boston's parents, Ron and Becky Bramlage, and his siblings Brandon, Beau and Roxanne, died Thursday afternoon after the plane Ron was piloting broke apart over a Florida swamp.

Rick Bazan said he and Ron Bramlage first met when they were four.

"He was my best friend," Bazan said. "He was a great guy, a great dad and a great family (man)."

Bazan said Ron was devoted to his wife Becky.

"When Ron first met Becky, he told me, ‘I found an angel,'" he said.

Becky, who was originally from Johnson County, was the president of the Junction City School Board.

Superintendent Ron Walker said she will be missed.

"You could look at her is being kind of mother of the school district," he said, adding that he was lucky to have worked with her.

Ron and Becky set up a scholarship fund at Junction City High School. They also helped build a public library, donated land for the YMCA, buildings for a VFW post and much more.

But Bazan stressed that the family's contributions to the community went beyond having their name on some buildings.

"(Ron) helped out so many kids, and nobody knew that because he didn't advertise that he did so much and that's why everybody's here today," he explained. "We're going to miss them greatly."

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