Kansans push for legalization of medical marijuana

TOPEKA, Kan. - People from all over the state of Kansas held a rally Friday inside the rotunda of the state Capitol to push for a bill to legalize medical marijuana. 

The rally was sponsored by the advocacy group Change for Kansas. The group joined Senator David Haley, who has tried to push Senate Bill 9 since last year. The bill has never made it to the house chamber for discussion. 

Proponents held the rally to ensure the bill remains fresh on senators’ minds. 

For David Mulford, the fight for medical marijuana is a matter of life or death.

He struggles from chronic muscle spasms and at one point, was given only 18 months to live.

“I’ve tried all the other medications that are out there and I tell you, they either don’t work or the side effects are so horrible that I won’t take them, “ he said, “They’re just not working for me.”

Opponents of the bill think medical marijuana should be approved by the FDA before anyone even considers legalizing it.

“Probably the biggest concern is that it’s of course the gateway drug,” said Rep. Dan Hawkins.

State Bill 9 was assigned to the State Committee on Public Health and Welfare in 2013, however, it was never heard. 

Senator David Haley, who sponsored SB9 presented a letter to the senate president last month urging her to hold a hearing on the bill.  

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 20 states and Washington D.C. 

Brendaliss Gonzalez will have more on this on 41 Action News at 4 and 5.

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