Kansas bill proposed to tax YMCA

YMCAs in Kansas could be forced to pay sales tax under a proposed bill.

The bill would make it so that organizations that make more than 40 percent from the sale of memberships or services would no long qualify for sales and property tax exemptions.

Some health clubs in the Wichita area are backing the bill because they feel the YMCA is taking their business.

"Our point is we're still not a health club. In the communities that we are in on the Kansas side when you're in Wyandotte County, Johnson County, Atchison County, in most of those areas we service a population that the median household income in KCK in our five-mile service area is $18,000 a year," Greater YMCA of Kansas City Chief Strategy Officer Mark Hulet said.

How does this impact you? This bill would force YMCA to add sales tax to all services customers pay for.
That could lead to about a 10 percent increase on membership fees.

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