Kansas farm video goes viral on YouTube

ASSARIA, Kan. (KSN-TV) - Greg Peterson and his brothers are now the latest YouTube hit with " I'm farming and I grow it ."

"We talked about it going viral."

The three has no idea it would have thousands of YouTube views days after it was posted.

"We didn't think anything like this, it's really overwhelming," said Nathan Peterson, video creator.

Story originally seen at KSN.com .

It was a random idea Greg had while eating with some friends in Manhattan. Then after the idea festered, he decide to write the parody to the hit song "I'm sexy and I know it."

"One night I was having trouble sleeping and was like eh I'm not getting anything done, I better just write this song so I wrote the song and the rest is history I guess."

Maybe not as well known as the hit group, LMFAO, but this hit has gone viral.

"Us boys in Kansas who are farming we took the pop video and made a parody about farming," said Kendal Peterson, video creator.

The brothers made sure they involved their sister, Laura, who recorded parts of the parody.

"It's really cool to see it explode all over YouTube and Facebook."

The guys hope the video makes people laugh and educates them about agriculture.

"None of us could be eating anything without agriculture, we want people to respect it," added Nathan.

Story originally seen at KSN.com .



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