Kansas Highway Patrol begins annual inspection of school buses

New process regarding inspection stickers

OLATHE, Kan. - Kansas Highway Patrol troopers will be busy over the next few weeks inspecting several thousand school buses.

Troopers are making sure school buses are in working order.

Among other items, inspectors are checking the bus' lights, emergency exits, tires, windshield wipers and First Aid kits

New this year, each bus will be assigned a specific inspection sticker to it make safer for young riders and efficient for bus owners and law enforcement.

"It keeps better track for our records and through the state and again because it's bus-specific it'll be easy for each bus company to track that 'this is this bus it's not going somewhere else, have we missed this?' so they're going to have all that ability to do so too," Trooper Howard Dickinson, Kansas Highway Patrol’s public information officer, said.

Troopers expect to be done with inspections in early August.

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