Kansas profits from online auction of adult toys, seller owes state thousands in taxes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The state of Kansas will soon earn money from selling sex.

Right now hundreds of adult toys are sitting in a Kansas City warehouse, and they are all up for auction.

“This isn’t something you normally would do or encounter on a daily basis that you could buy online in an auction format,” Andy O’Hanlon, the CEO of Equip Bid, said.

The auction company will get a commission, but most of the money from the sale of the pornographic items will end up in the hands of the Kansas government.

In July, the owner of Equip Bid received a call from Larry Minkoff’s company Bang. Minkoff once owned an empire of adult stores across the area.

According to the state of Kansas, Minkoff didn’t pay his taxes and still owes the state more than $160,000. The government told Minkoff he could sell his merchandise to pay off his debt.

Now the items are in the hands of the company that has been hired to sell it.

“It was definitely a first for me, and probably not something that we’re going to repeat anytime soon, but it’s a unique experience that we’re doing our job to sell these for our customer,” O’Hanlon said.

The auction starts to end Sept. 30 at 6 p.m.

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