Kansas Senator Pat Roberts fires back at allegations he is not a Kansas citizen

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - We're 166 days away from the Kansas primary, but already the campaigning has begun.

A recent New York Times article and primary opponent Milton Wolf questioned how much time Sen. Pat Roberts actually spends at his home in Dodge City, Kan.

"I'll tell you one thing, The New York Times and my opponent are not going to define me as to whether I'm a Kansan. I am a Kansan. And I think most Kansans understand that," Roberts said.

Roberts' campaign manager responds to NYT article , Feb. 7, 2014

Wolf is one Kansan who doesn't buy it.

"He didn't bother to reestablish his Kansas Residency until October 7th of 2013, once I got into the race. Before then he owned rental property in Kansas, but he leased that house; someone else lived there," Wolf said. "People don't know him. They haven't seen him. Even in his backyard, people haven't seen him because he's been in Washington for 47 years."

Roberts stands by his voter registration. He owns a home in Dodge City even though he rents it out.

"I live in Dodge. I pay taxes in Dodge. We own a home in Dodge. That's where we just spent the last two or three days," Roberts said.

The primary is set for August 5.

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