Thousands of Kan. families lose child day care tax credit

LENEXA, Kan. - For 23 years, Judy Lee has provided day care services in her home. Caring for children is something she adores.

"You can't put those hugs or 'I love yous' in the bank. You can't do that. It's something special," Lee said.

A new Kansas law went into effect Jan. 1, taking away child day care tax credits from thousands of parents.

Now, instead of families seeing a tax credit of possibly a couple thousand dollars at the end of the year, the assistance will be given only to a few who qualify.

Lee worries the law could force parents to make alternate day care plans based solely on money.

"The first question should not be how much do you charge, and that's it," Lee said.

"A parent should be able to put their child in a day care depending on the length of service the provider has been there, what rooms are designated for day care, what their philosophy is, what materials they have and also the cost of the day care."

Lee said choosing the right day care for your child is every important.

By forcing something that is not the right fit, just because it is cheap, she said a child's early development can be harmed.

"They need a good beginning, and that's a good day care, and in order to get that, those parents need some help with the fees they have to pay," Lee said.

The Kansas Department of Revenue said the child day care assistance credit is designed to encourage businesses to purchase or provide child care services, or to assist in locating child care for their employees' children.

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