Kansas woman Leanna Launer using Facebook to search for birth parents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas woman searching for her birth parents posted her story on Facebook last Friday and the response was overwhelming. She's since received more than 12,000 likes and shares and just three days from people who want to help her

Leanna Launer was born March 14, 1985 in Fort Polk, La. She was adopted when she was one year. She has never met her birth parents but desperately wants to find them

"I want to hug them and tell them I'm not mad at them," Launer said.

UPDATE: It worked! Read and watch Leanna's reunion with her birth father and additional family members .

After hearing the story of a Kansas City woman who, while searching for her birth parents, posted the story on Facebook and quickly found her biological mother, Launer said she was inspired to post her story on Facebook.

"I couldn't believe the quick response. People who were also adopted were writing me to encourage me to keep trying," she said.

Launer also got some key information about the social worker who handled her adoption. She was able to talk with that social worker on the phone and is scheduled to meet with her in-person on Wednesday.

"When you are adopted there is a hole in your heart, you want to know who you are where you come from you want to know if you have any brothers and sisters out there," Launer said.

Launer has two children ages 8 and  5 and would also like them to know their grandparents.

"With so many people on social media responding to my story I'm talking about it and reposting it I truly believe my parents or someone who knows them and knows about my adoption knows that I'm looking for my mom and dad," Launer said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not going to give up searching for them," she concluded.

In an April 28 post on Faceboo k, Launer wrote, "I cannot even begin to thank each of you enough for sharing my story. I never fathomed the response I have gotten. The love and support I am receiving in my search is, by far, the greatest act of kindness, compassion, and love I have ever seen in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so so so much!"




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