Kindergartner sells lemonade to raise money to buy friend a diabetes alert dog

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - A kindergartner spent Friday afternoon selling lemonade to raise money for a friend with diabetes.

Five-year-old Aidan Kendall hopes the proceeds from his lemonade stand will allow his friend, Jayce Berryman, to get a diabetes alert dog.

"I'm selling lemonade and donations for Jayce's dog that barks whenever his blood sugar is high or low," Aidan explained.

His mom, Shannon Kendall, said it was all Aidan's idea.

"At first I thought 'it's too cold, we can't do a lemonade stand right now, it's 30 degrees,' but you don't want to stop your child when they're so anxious to give," she said.

Jayce, who is also 5 years old, has type 1 diabetes. His mother, Lindsey Berryman, said she was touched by Aidan's efforts to raise money so they can get an alert dog.

"It leaves me speechless to know that we have friends that we haven't known that long, and that Jayce's friend at that who's in kindergarten, has a big enough heart to want to do something like this to help somebody else out," Berryman said.

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