Law requires Kansas municipal buildings to permit concealed weapons

Guns now allowed inside Johnson County libraries

OVERLAND PARK, Ks - A six-month extension on a Kansas concealed weapon law will expire come the new year, forcing municipal buildings like libraries to allow concealed weapon carriers to take their firearms inside. 

Come 2014, at any Johnson County library, you'll be able to check in your gun as you check out your books.  Concealed weapons are currently banned at all 13 of the counties branches, but  a state law has lifted that ban, unless, according to the bill, the building has adequate security measures to ensure no weapons are permitted in the building.

"We've gone all this time without bringing weapons into a library and why we would need them now I just don't really know," said Annehara Tatschl, who frequently visits the Central Resource Library in Overland Park.

Tatschl doesn't like the idea of allowing guns inside a place she brings her grandkids.  "It doesn't make sense to me," she said.  Her 14-year-old grandson, Matthew agrees. 

"I don't believe that its anything that should be allowed in a place like a library where you know kids come to read people come to read just to relax not worried about someone maybe having a gun under their coat," he said.

Rick Roberts doesn't see anything wrong with allowing guns in libraries. "People that go to the library are level headed," said Roberts.

Only two libraries in Johnson County have security guards and they're unarmed.  They'll remain so, even after the law takes effect.  This law includes any municipal building around Kansas, not just libraries.

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