Lawrence Police will have more officers on duty as KU students return to campus

LAWRENCE, Kan. - KU students heading back to class will be met by an influx of police officers now that the Lawrence Police Department is rolling out a brand new unit aimed at cutting down alcohol-related crimes and crashes. 

Sgt. Trent McKinley says back-to-school-week can be a fun time for students, but it can also come with a flood of DUIs, fights, alcohol-related injuries and late-night robberies and assaults. 

That's why the department will have extra officers out who will be trying to stop these problems before they start, McKinley said. 

In previous years, officers would not issue citations for alcohol-related crimes and would break up fights without making any arrests, but McKinley says the extra personnel will give police the resources to issue more citations and make more arrests.

Classes start Aug. 26.

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