Local mom chooses to home-school children in light of school violence

PAOLA, Kan. - Aubriana Bruce will turn 4 in just a few months. This fall, she will begin school.

For her mom, Christine Bruce, choosing whether or not to send her to school has been a tough decision.

"I want them to have the best education they can," Bruce said.

After the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, and recent bomb threats at two schools in their hometown of Paola, Bruce said she has finally decided sending Aubriana to school is not the best decision for their family.

"I've wanted to home-school for a long time, but with Sandy Hook, I think that was the thing that set it in stone for me. It was the tipping point, and made me decide for sure I wanted to home-school," Bruce said.

Bruce said the decision is not out of fear, but one that will ensure Aubriana and her sister, Sophia, are always protected.

"The difference is, when you send your kids to school, you're sending them alone. They don't have anyone to protect them. If we're going to a movie, or the mall, or anything like that, I'm with my kids, and I know I'm going to exercise my right to bear an arm if I have to protect them. That's the difference  I'll be there to protect them if need be," Bruce said.

The National Home Education Research Institute notes that Bruce is not alone.

Being able to provide a safe environment for their children, is a factor in many parents' decision to home-school.

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