New pro-marijuana group changing its strategy to gain support in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Members of one pro-marijuana group are changing the way they dress when lobbying Kansas lawmakers. Members of "Kansas for Change" believe it might get them one step closing to legalizing the substance in the state, and they're gaining support.

The nonprofit was created in January of 2013 to educate the public about pot and to lobby legislators. With Colorado legalizing pot, the group believes support is starting to spread. When they meet with lawmakers, they find it's a contentious meeting especially when they start with this question.

"A lot of times I've asked them if they have ever experienced it for themselves and usually the angry response I get from them let's me know that they're afraid of it," Esau Freeman said, President of Kansas for Change.

That is followed by statistics where they show how legalizing the substance could bring in millions of dollars in revenue and could reduce the prison population.

The group is now starting to schedule meetings with legislators for the next couple weeks in hopes to finally move out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.

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