Police: Mexican drug cartel sets up shop in Lawrence

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Police believe a Mexican drug cartel set up shop in Lawrence, Kan., after Douglas County investigators seized nearly $1 million worth of meth, weighing in at 25 pounds.

To put that figure into perspective, there four hits in each gram equals just about one hit for every person inside Memorial Stadium at the University of Kansas.

Names like "crank", "glass", "dope" for methamphetamine are nothing new, but the type coming up from south of the border is.

"The more pure it is, the more someone uses it, the more bizarre the behavior. They get to the point where they're in a frenzy to get the next high," Lawrence Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Trent McKinle said.

Jen Jordan, the Director of Prevention at DCCCA, an addiction treatment center in Lawrence, told us after stricter regulations, meth use died down.

"We haven't seen methamphetamine for a few years, it hasn't become an issue and now, unfortunately with these large cartels that have endless supply of money and power, we're seeing it now," said Jordan.

According to the national drug intelligence center, Lawrence is on a primary drug route from Mexico.

This group may be targeting the area for another reason-- the young, college demographic.

"If I were to look at a population who might have some expendable money on hand and be able to get hooked.

That's the big thing-- getting a group hooked.  Once they get hooked then they're going to be a consumer for a long time," Jordan said.

While 10 percent of people will become addicted to alcohol, 98 precent of people will become addicted to meth after just one use.

Police wouldn't say where or when this seizure was made, but the investigation has been handed over to federal agents.

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