Prairie Village Police use signs to keep drivers safe

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Prairie Village police are using portable electronic signs that they hope will help reduce or even eliminate crashes at the intersection of 75th and Mission Road.

At any time of the day the intersection is busy. Take your eyes off the road and you might end up in a fender bender.

As a 40 year resident of the block, Ron Porter would know.

"We've seen several accidents up there mostly people not paying attention," Porter said.

In the Prairie Village’s latest traffic study, there have been twice as many accidents at 75th and mission road than any other intersection in the city.

Police said there's proof in the numbers. In 2010, the department’s traffic division recorded nine accidents at the intersection.

The next year it doubled to 18. Then in 2012, it dropped to 12 and last year there were 11.

The ideal goal this year is zero or at least reducing the number of crashes.

Which is why starting this week, police are using two portable electronic signs to point out the problem to drivers and direct them to "slow down!"

"As the weather gets a little nicer, and the streets aren't full of snow or anything like the drivers tend to pick up speed that's why we're out there right now," Captain Wes Lovett,  the patrol commander with the Prairie Village Police Department said.

The intersection is prone to accidents with the large amount of traffic coming from Shawnee Mission East high school as well as several blind spots.

Besides the signs, police are adding extra officers around the intersection.

Porter already notices the difference.

"I've seen a lot people really slow down when they see that sign," he said.

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