Kansas voting software glitch caused delays

WICHITA, Kan. - An investigation has been launched into voting problems in one Kansas county.

Sedgwick County election officials said a computer software glitch caused results to be delayed by at least four hours on Tuesday.

"I think we just probably put something in as far as how we report, incorrectly is my guess," said Tabitha Lehman, county election director.

Tuesday's problem is not unfamiliar to the county.

They experienced a similar problem during the primary in August.

At that time, the election office thought it was an issue with checking a box on the software.

The thought they had fixed it in time for Tuesdays' elections, but they said another problem may have caused an issue with the software.

"We've made changes with redistricting and that is where we are going to go through and figure out what we put out that was different then was there before," she said.

The county said they put extra resources and man power into the election that night to stop any problems from happening.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach said the issue with the software is not that uncommon. He has sent a three-person team to Wichita to figure out what happened.

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