Wichita driver snaps pic of cop texting and driving

driver snaps pic of cop texting and driving

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A driver snapped a picture of what appears to be a police officer using his phone while driving in Wichita.

The man, who uses the screen name Chuck Bass on Twitter, was surprised by the scene.

"My buddy was like look, he's texting and driving and there he was, both hands on the phone, and steering with his knee like that, and I don't know, it kind of floored me," he said.

When they hit a stoplight, the man snapped the photo and posted it on Twitter with the caption, "So I can't text and drive but y'all can?"

"Honestly I thought it was a joke, I did not think Wichita Police would reply," he recalled.

But within minutes Wichita Police tweeted back asking for the number of the police car in the picture. The department says it is now investigating exactly what that officer was doing with his phone.

Kansas law allows law enforcement officers to text and drive if it's work-related.

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