Woman posts warning sign after theft: What you stole was blessed with holy water

OTTAWA, Kan. - Thefts, break-ins and other common crimes happen everyday no matter where you live. Usually victims just file a police report, but that wasn't enough for one Ottawa, Kan., woman.

Virginia Quintana's 1998 Coachmen Catalina camper holds a lot of good memories. She and her late husband bought it brand new before he passed away. That's why Quintana - a devout Catholic - has taken divine measures to protect it.

"This camper was blessed with holy water a long time ago," Quintana said.

The two propane tanks attached to the camper were blessed too. Now, they're missing.

Quintana made the discovery on Monday. She believes the thief is a young man who has been causing trouble around her neighborhood.

So Quintana posted a sign in her yard with this message:

"This camper was blessed with holy water a long time ago. You touched something holy. You touched gas cans with holy water on them, so look out! God and the Blessed Virgin Mary are going to deal with you! So whoever took the gas cans, you need to bring them back. Leave (them) by the camper. I feel for you. You know, even Satan is afraid of the Virgin Mary - Jesus' mom. There are a lot of prayers going up right now."

Quintana knows it's a rambling rant.

"I was upset when I was writing this," Quintana said.

But the Ottawa Police Department is glad she did it.

"Without the community, without the citizens, we couldn't do our job," Capt. Adam Weingartner said. "They're the eyes and ears, they report a lot of stuff to us so we're always thankful when they can take additional steps to help us out."

Weingartner said there is nothing out of the ordinary going on in Ottawa. There are 10 to 15 thefts reported weekly in the town of 13,000.

Quintana said she knows it's unlikely she will ever see her tanks again, she just hopes her message will strike a chord with the thief.

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