Northwest Missouri residents prepare to evacuate after second levee breach

ROCK PORT, Missouri - Residents in northwest Missouri are preparing to evacuate after a second breach is reported on a Missouri River levee in Atchison County, Missouri.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the second breach, reported Monday morning, is about 10 feet wide.  Another partial breach happened on Sunday.

The Iowa National Guard planned to drop thousands of pounds of sandbags to help fill the breaches.

Just across the state line in Hamburg, Iowa about 600 residents are being evacuated because a full breach is still expected.

"We should be alright. But we didn't want to take any chances. This time we listened to what the kids had to tell us so we got out," said Robert Dalton who left his Hamburg home this weekend.

People living in Watson, Missouri are under a volunteer evacuation.  However, not everyone is planning to leave.

Gary Armstrong lived through the 1952 and '93 floods.  He says his home survived both floods.

"If they shut my electricity off I've got to leave. But if they don't I'm not leaving. They ain't scared me yet," he said.

In Rock Port, Missouri city crews are building a dike around the water plant to protect if from flooding.  They hope to have the dike complete by Tuesday.

Heavy rain and snow pack runoff this year is expected to cause near record flooding levels along the Missouri Rriver.

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