Police: Remains of infant found near UCM campus

WARRENSBURG, Mo. - Campus police at the University of Central Missouri are asking for help after the body of an infant was discovered on the property.

A release by the university said the infant was found at Pertle Springs, a 300-acre public recreation area south of the main campus.

Before 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, two biology students found the body among a pile of trash inside a cave on the south side of the campus as they worked on a research project.

“I just don't know why someone do that to a baby,” Bridgette Rice said, a junior at the university.

According to the university, this is not the first time they've been called to the cave.

On February 17, someone broke the lock to the cave's entrance and set a small trash fire inside.

One of the students told the Digitalburg, an online student publication, that she first saw a diaper and eventually "flipped over the trash bag and saw a foot and the hand of a baby."

“It takes everyone by surprise when something like this does happen," UCM Spokesperson Jeff Murphy said.

Despite Tuesday's shocking discovery, it isn't shattering the students’ sense of security.

“We always get emails about ways we can be more safe (sic) on campus, they do a really good job so I feel pretty safe about it,” Molly Espey, a junior studying special education said.

However they do add that all of this is preventable.

“To me there are so many other alternatives if you don't feel like you ready to take care of a child, there's different routes to go beside leave it somewhere like that,” student Kelli Nelson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the university’s department of public safety at (660) 543-4123.

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