Emotions run high at Joplin graduation ceremony

JOPLIN, Mo. - It was an emotional night in Joplin, Mo., for the graduates and their families.

It's been a long year for the students, who wrapped up their junior year of high school with the most powerful tornado in 60 years tearing through their town.

But their senior year was different. It ended with them in a room with the President of the United States.

Governor Jay Nixon introduced President Barack Obama, who spoke of inspiration – and hope.

This is no doubt a day these students will remember.

"It was wonderful. The place was packed wall to wall people and everyone greeted our president and marveled over our president," said Diane Cline, the grandmother of a graduate.

Chris Schneider, who was in town for the graduation, said it was very emotional.

" He spoke about the town and the rebuilding, he mentioned names. It brought tears to my eyes," he said.

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