Family pushes for Hellen's Law following disappearance, death of Warsaw woman

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - The family of Hellen Cook hopes her death will lead to a positive change in Missouri law. They met with lawmakers Sunday in hopes of creating Hellen's Law.

Cook, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, disappeared from her Warsaw, Mo. home in July. After a long search, police discovered her body near a Benton County, Mo. pond on August 11.

Hellen's law would create new procedures for missing persons cases. The reforms the family is advocating for include categorizing missing persons, having standard alert procedures and having standard search procedures.

The family hopes by creating the new guidelines, it will help find missing persons faster.

"Time is crucial when people go missing, " said State Representative John Mayfield. "We are going to see what we can do about passing legislation next session that will help the highway patrol and state and local law enforcement to be able to move sooner in cases like this."

Cook's family held funeral services for the 72-year-old on Saturday.


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