Ferguson residents want 'outsiders' to leave

FERGUSON, Mo. - Law enforcement officials in Ferguson, Mo., are pointing blame on outsiders coming into the embattled city and causing problems, and some residents agree.

Officers arrested 78 people between late Monday night and mid-afternoon Tuesday. Most of the people arrested lived around the St. Louis area, however some came from other locations, as close as Kansas City and as far away as California and New York.

One woman who lives near the riots said it's not so different than her time in Kansas City.
"Daytime like this is pretty much like it always is, cause nothing's going on," Bobbi Wilt, a former Kansas City resident, said outside her Ferguson home early Tuesday morning.

"Once the sun goes down," she continued, "we all just go inside."
Wilt lives a block away from the center point of the riots that started after Michael Brown's death.

"We've watched everything through that opening. We've watched the tear gas, we've watched the Molotov cocktails, the burning," she explained.
In addition to the arrests, police sprayed tear gas into crowds of protesters.

To Wilt though, those protestors were rioters invading from outside of Ferguson.
"The people in this community aren't doing that. Well yeah, I know there are some but we didn't start it, it was outsiders. As soon as the first looting happened people started to flock here," Wilt said.

Wilt is familiar with the tension and fear rioting can bring. Part of her time in Kansas City included the riots in 1968.
"It's almost as bad as the 1968 Kansas City race riots that I lived through... We were holed up in our apartment while they were shooting at our apartment building and I looked at this and it's not quite the same but the feeling of living through it is," she recalled.

Now, she said, she's had enough,
"We don't care, we want them out of here. We want our town back, we want to be able to rebuild."

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