Fla. governor urging Mo. businesses to book 'one-way ticket' to the south

MIAMI, Fla. - Texas Governor Rick Perry isn't the only governor targeting Missouri businesses, as the governor of Florida is now urging businesses to make the move.

Governor Rick Scott sent letters to businesses in several states, including Missouri, urging them to book a one-way ticket to the Sunshine State.

It's part of his "One-Way" campaign, encouraging Missourians to take advantage of Florida's "business-friendly environment."

This new campaign comes only a week after Gov. Rick Perry started playing radio and television ads urging businesses to move to Texas. Perry also focuses on the business-friendly atmosphere in Texas.

Both Republican governors are taking aim at Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's veto of a $700 million tax cut. Scott says the move will keep Missouri from becoming a business-friendly state.


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