Hundreds of packages disappear en route to Maryville

MARYVILLE, Mo. - Hundreds of people in Maryville, Mo., have had the same story over the past two months. They've been strung along, waiting for packages that never arrive.

Tera Nelson ordered a Kindle Fire from Amazon in November as a Christmas present for her daughter.

"It had showed that it had been checked in at the Maryville post office on December 11," Nelson explained. "I went up to the post office on December 19 to pick it up and they had no record of it being there."

Nelson said she called FedEx and customer service told her the package had now arrived at the post office. She went back, but it was still missing. So Nelson called Amazon for answers.

"They immediately sent out another package for me and just overnighted it," she said.

Nelson got the Kindle Fire just in time at 4:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

"Once I told a couple people about it, they were relaying their stories of things that had happened to them," Nelson said.

A source who agreed to speak anonymously with 41 Action News said Nelson's package is one of more than 500 since late October, bound for Maryville, only to never arrive.

The source said the vast majority of the packages contained electronics and came from Amazon orders and are distributed through a delivery service hired by FedEx.

The source said the packages arrive at a warehouse in Kansas City, Mo., and the contractor hired by FedEx is supposed to drive them to Maryville. However, the source said the packages do not appear to be leaving Kansas City.

The source said delivery drivers coming from the Kansas City warehouse have been unable to provide much information. They drive an unmarked van, speak little English, and are swapped in and out every few months. It's all keeping the name of the delivery service a mystery.

However, the source said the current delivery driver has provided some clues. The driver told 41 Action News' source that once the packages arrive in Kansas City, they are scanned into the system as if they have reached Maryville.

That's why people like Tera Nelson are led to believe their package is at the post office, when it's really not.

FedEx has provided little comment to 41 Action News, but did release the following statement:

"This behavior is not reflective of FedEx's commitment to provide exceptional customer service. We continue to take this matter very seriously and are working closely with affected customers and all authorities on this case."

The U.S. Postal Service has said it has launched an investigation of its own.

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