Joplin High celebrates prom after last year's tornado

JOPLIN, Mo. - Between the dress, flowers, music and spending time with friends, high school prom is always a night students remember.

For Joplin High School seniors and juniors, this year's prom is extra special.

"It's been pretty chill. We've been getting ready for prom, getting prom shoes, earrings dress all that. It's been pretty fun," said senior Morgan Butler earlier in the day.

Joplin High School sustained damage last May when a EF-5 tornado leveled part of the city. The high school ultimately had to be torn down.

This year's prom theme was a Hollywood awards show with red carpet, news cameras and plenty of screaming fans.

"I mean these kids, every single one of them have a chapter, and this chapter of 2011-2012 was something that nobody else has to go through but to be able to bring it all together at the end of the school year and be able to celebrate their year, their story is amazing," said organizer Melissa Blayton.

Pop star Kay Perry will foot the bill for the prom. Students were hoping the singer would make an appearance, but she was unable to attend.

In May, President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver Joplin High School's commencement speech.

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