Joy ride: Man steals Missouri school bus and takes it on a wild spin

Aurora, Mo. - Authorities in Aurora, Missouri say someone broke into a school bus lot, and took one of the buses on a dangerous joy ride.

"Whoever this person was had some intent to do some damage or try to have a joy ride and have some fun," said Mark Webb, Aurora-Marionville police chief.

The theft was caught on camera and police hope the dramatic footage will help them catch the criminal.

You can see the suspect stroll through the bus barn. Then the bus, with lights flashing, crashES through the fence and dragS the gate for a couple feet.

"Who knows the reasons why they do this, but you know they are not worried about damage because it's not their vehicle, so they are out and who knows if they are under the influence of anything," said Webb.

Cameras in the darkened bus also recorded the spree, including the moment the thief crashed the bus.

"It's wasted valuable time for our principals, it's wasted time for the police, it's also going to cost us money," said Billy Redus, with Aurora Public Schools.

The estimated cost to this bus and other school property is between $400-$500.

Police say evidence left on the bus and on camera will help catch the bus bandit.

"When we catch you, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent," said Webb.