Nodaway Co. tax collector using yard signs to get people to pay past-due taxes

MARYVILLE, Mo. - Taxes are a part of every property owner's life, but not everyone is good about paying them on time. Some people who have fallen behind in Nodaway County could now end up with a sign in their yards, advertising a tax sale.

It's a move that's getting mixed reaction.

"I understand completely, putting the signs up," Maryville homeowner Alisha Welter said. "But I would try and find another way other than showing all the neighborhood that I'm behind on my taxes."

Nodaway County collector treasurer Marilyn Jenkins said the signs -- reading "Delinquent Tax Sale" -- are not meant to shame or embarrass property owners.

"It's just something that I felt like we needed to do to protect them and to protect us," Jenkins said.

Property owners have time to avoid the sign.

Jenkins sent out letters to about 150 property owners in late May, notifying them to contact her office or a sign will go up on July 22, about a month ahead of the delinquent tax sale.

Only people who are at least two years behind on tax payments are affected.

"It is actually to protect them and to protect the county," Jenkins said.

She said a property owner could sue Nodaway County if they feel they have not been given enough notification before a sale.

Jenkins said the county is trying to recoup $468,961.70 from these property owners. So far, about 30 have responded but she still expects a few dozen will get signs in their yards.

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