Massive fire in Osceola destroys three buildings, damages one other

OSCEOLA, Mo. - Firefighters battled a blaze in Osceola Saturday evening. The massive fire broke out about one block north of the town square.

Three buildings were destroyed in the fire -- a former bar, a former bookstore and another building that had vacant apartments on the second floor.

Nellie's Cafe is housed next to the burned buildings and had water and smoke damage.

Authorities said the flames erupted in one of the buildings and spread to the others.

Crews had to shuttled in water and set up a temporary pond. Firefighters fought the flames from the top on ladders.

Multiple fire departments responded to the blaze including Sac-Osage Fire Protection Disctrict, Bolivar, Central Polk, and Lowry City.

No injuries have been reported so far.

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