Missouri changing license cards and IDs

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Getting a license in Missouri is going to be a new process in the coming months, according to information from the Missouri Department of Revenue. The look of the Missouri license is also changing.

According to the Department of Revenue's YouTube video, released Monday, one of the biggest changes is for licensed drivers under 21. The license will become vertical for those drivers.

The other big change comes in the way Missouri residents will get their licenses. When someone applies, they will now receive a temporary, paper license. A permanent card will arrive by mail within 7-10 business days.

Officials say this will decrease the amount of time spent in the license offices.

Missouri DMV offices began transitioning in December to the new system. They expect the entire state will be transitioned by April 2013.

See Department of Revenue FAQs about the change | http://on.mo.gov/V5h8Ta

The new process and type of license, according to officials, will increase identity security and reduce other kinds of fraud. The new license cards will now be produced at one secure location, instead of at each DMV.

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