Missouri house bill could damage state's credit ratings

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A new report shows a recent Missouri house bill could potentially damage the state's credit ratings.

Missouri has had a long standing triple a credit rating, but the report shows passing the bill would have a devastating impact.

The bill would make cuts to education and raise taxes on prescription drugs.

Governor Nixon vetoed the bill last month, saying the legislature made a big mistake.

"Making a mistake the first time, you see something, it's excusable. Coming back and then voting for that same thing again, that is not negligence, that's intent to raise taxes on seniors, that's intent to imperial services, that's intent to put at risk our public rating," Nixon said, "And I don't think any of those three things are good policy for our state."

Nixon added that he is willing to sit down with both sides to come to a better conclusion for the state's economy.

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