Mother says her daughter was murdered over a fight in a car

KANSAS CITY, MO - Monday, Kansas City Police released new details in a case that has devastated a Kansas City family.

This week Jackson County prosecutors are expected to charge a man for the murders of two people found in a burning van in Kansas City, Kan., earlier this month.

Marquita Williams said her daughter Linda Williams died over a fight in a car. She said it started with someone kicking the back of a car seat but ended with the death 22-year-old Williams.

"The whole situation don't make no sense to me," Linda said, "For you to kill my daughter, shoot her down and burn her up because somebody put their feet on the back of your chair. It was senseless."

Williams said detectives told her that's why her daughter died. Monday morning, they called her and told her that they had a man in custody.

Williams said a murder charge won't be enough.

"I have to take care of her daughter. I have to listen to her daughter cry or when he looks at her picture and says, ‘Mama,' I have to explain that her mama is not going to be here," she said.

Williams said she hasn't had a chance to grieve the death of her daughter. She feels numb as she waits for justice.

"All I feel right now is mad, other than that I have no feelings," she said.

Since Jackson County is handling the case, it is likely these murders were committed in Missouri.

If so, that would mean 84 homicides have happened in Kansas City, Mo., so far this year.

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