Move over Las Vegas: Meet the new most sinful cities in America

(WCPO) - Move over Las Vegas, there's apparently a new sin capital of the country.

According to the blog website, St. Louis is at the top when it comes to the seven deadly sins.

Cincinnati is sixth on the list.

Orlando, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee round out the top five.

The bloggers compiled the list based the statistics for: strip clubs per capita (lust,) cosmetic surgeons per capita (pride,) violent crimes per year per 1,000 citizens (wrath,) theft per year per 1,000 residents (envy,) percentage of disposable income given to charity per year (greed,) percentage of obese residents (gluttony,) and percentage of physically inactive residents (sloth.) looked at the 95 most populous cities in the United States to get their data.

In case you're wondering, Las Vegas came in 10th.

To read the report in its entirety, go to:

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