Obama: Joplin graduates are 'an inspiration for others'

JOPLIN, Mo. - On a night of celebration, the president called Joplin's 431 graduating seniors an inspiration for others.

" But as I look out at this class, and across this city, what's clear is that you're the source of inspiration today. To me. To this state. To this country. And to people all over the world, " said President Barack Obama.

They spent their senior year attending classes at a shopping mall after the twister destroyed their high school.

It was a year of recovery for not just the students, but for the entire community.

The president used the refrain "You are from Joplin" many times during his speech.

The senior class president, Chloe Handley used her speech to mention many classmates and she referred to her class as the "North Park Mall" class.

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