Missouri Department of Transportation proposes tax increase to pay for road improvements

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Transportation describes its future if voters check "no" at the ballot box on August 5 as a financial crisis.

The state of Missouri wants voters to decide on a three-quarter cent sales tax increase on everything but groceries and medications.

The money would pay for improvements to all the state's public transit system like barges and roads.

The proposed $5.3 billion transportation tax would be the state's largest tax increase ever.

Opponents argue a sales tax is too financially hurtful to lower income families and that road improvements should be paid for by the people that use them.

But supporters of the tax argue roads are a public benefit to all and that raising highway turnpike tolls or raising fuel taxes have polled high unpopular with Missourians.

Governor Nixon opposes the highway tax increase, which is why some suspect he placed the question on the low-turnout August ballot.

Monday night is the first of MoDOT's informative meetings in the metro about the transportation tax.

For a full schedule of MoDOT's public meetings, click here.

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