Reaction to tragedy in Newtown: Should Mo. teachers be allowed to carry guns in schools?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The unthinkable nightmare, where grade school children became targets in Connecticut, has sparked a national conversation. On Tuesday, some Republicans in Washington stepped across the aisle, saying they're ready to consider greater restrictions on guns and violent video games.

The conversation swelled as the first funerals got underway for the victims in Newtown, Conn. The country has watched, heartbroken, for the teachers and 20 young children taken so soon. However, that heartbreak is leading to action.

"If we have people that we can rely upon, the presence of guns can make children safer, if they are in the hands of good people," said Missouri Rep. Stanley Cox of Sedalia.

Cox thinks teachers should be able to bring guns to school to help protect students.

"The protection that the proponents of conceal carry advocate, that people, if good lawful citizens have a right to provide protection, that it actually makes them safer," Cox said. "Prohibiting guns in that particular zone actually makes it more likely that violence might occur. And, if violence might occur, that it will be worse."

A similar idea was spoken about publicly in Texas on Monday. The state's attorney general urged lawmakers to consider a measure that would allow teachers to carry guns inside school buildings.

Cox intends to bring the issue forward in Missouri and hopes his fellow lawmakers show support for it.

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