Rebuilding beyond Joplin city limits

JOPLIN, Mo. - The village of Duquesne, Mo., just east of Joplin was also damaged by last year's tornado. Its residents are still working to rebuild.

About 1,600 people live in the small town, which lost well over 200 homes and businesses.

Village Truck  Visions had been selling truck accessories here for more than a decade. The building is now brand new,  and so is the cellphone tower behind it.

The eye of the tornado came right through the business.

" I had a couple of  I-beams left standing and that was it. The cell tower was like a rollercoaster. There was nothing left," said Rick Braiser.

After plowing through Joplin, the tornado kept causing damage as it went east. It lifted up, but dropped back down in places. 

Braiser lives 13 miles east of Joplin. His house was okay but a neighbor lost everything.

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