Some lawmakers want to ban red light cameras

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Some Missouri lawmakers are trying to push a bill that would ban all red light cameras in the state. The legislation is still pending in Jefferson City.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads is starting a campaign against the measure. They said Missouri is the 11th most deadly state in the nation for red light running fatalities.

“I think it makes more people aware what they are doing when they approach intersections, said accident victim Theresa Garza Ruiz.

Garza Ruiz was in an accident involving a red light runner. She recovered from the accident, but she feels the cameras work. She is in a recent commercial campaign for NCSR. The group’s president said red light cameras save lives.

“If you stop running red lights, it’s simple you won’t get a ticket,” said David Kelly.

The group said a recent study found that red light cameras helped save more than 150 lives between 2004 to 2008. Kansas City red light violations are down 58 percent since the cameras were installed more than a year ago.

Not all residents agree with keeping the “eyes in the sky.”

“The cameras will go off regardless of the situation, what if you had to get away from somebody do you get a ticket for that,” said Dionne Jeroue.

Twenty-nine red light cameras are in Kansas City. The city has no current plans to install more.

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