Water leak mystery draining Creighton, Mo., dry

CREIGHTON, Mo. - A Missouri town is increasingly anxious to solve a seemingly unsolvable mystery.

In Creighton, Mo., 15,000 gallons of its water supply are disappearing every single day, and city officials can't figure out why.

The rural town's thirsty pasture land has been drinking up the water for weeks, and there has been no evidence of the leak's location hidden underneath the dry ground.

Since December, the city's two-man Public Works Department has repeatedly walked the path of Creighton's water main looking for muddy soil, but so far crews have had no luck.

Kyle Sikes, Creighton's public works director, shook his head when he looked at the ground.

"Not a thing here," he said.

The continuing problem is soaking the city's dwindling budget.

"With this issue, the city is losing about $150 a day," explained Rosemary Wade, city administrator.

Wade said that adds up to about $5000 a month -- an unsustainable amount of money to afford for long.

City Hall cut its two-man police department to half its hours to save money, and now there are no more street repairs.

Wade said the most devastating scenario will be if they eventually find the leak underneath the busy Highway 7,  which runs on the edge of town.

Wade estimated Creighton has only another four to six months before City Hall runs out of money.
Creighton administrators have reached out to Missouri Rural Water Association for help.

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